Road Closures

Flinders Ranges Council – 2021  Pichi Richi Marathon – Road Closures

Only vehicles authorised by SAPOL will be permitted on the closed south bound road, between 7:30 am and 13:30 pm. Speed Restrictions of 40km apply during this time for local south bound traffic only. 60km Speed Restrictions apply to north bound.

The Flinders Ranges Way will be closed from Quorn to Port Augusta direction from 7.30am so make sure you head through that direction before then, but yes will be open from Port Augusta to Quorn direction with speed restrictions in place, so getting back from Port Augusta to Quorn will be ok.

Just confirming that yes, you can hand in your drink bottles at the start time for the full marathon in Port Augusta.

We are also just finalizing details for participants to be able to pick up bibs and hand in drink bottles etc on the Saturday evening.

Keep an eye out for an email with these details and on our Facebook.