Frequently Asked Questions

What distances are there for the event?

Full Marathon – (note this is a RUN ONLY event – no walkers)

Competitors must be 18 years or over on race day.


Half Marathon Run and Walk – 21.1km

Competitors must be 15 years or over on race day.


10.5km Run and Walk

Competitors must be 12 years or over on race day.


5km Run and Walk

Open to all ages


1km Junior Dash

Competitors must be 10 years or younger on race day.


Where does the event route go?

The event runs from the Standpipe Golf Motor Inn, Port Augusta, along the main Augusta Highway, to Stirling North and through the Pichi Richi Pass to Quorn.


When do registrations open and how much does it cost?

The registration timeline and cost schedule is as follows:


Event Early Bird

Close 23 April 2023


Close 11 June 2023


Close 18 June 2023

Marathon $80 $90 $100
Half Marathon $65 $75 $85
10.5 km $40 $50 $60
5 km $20 $25 $35
Junior Dash (1 km) $10 $10 $10


How do I register?

All registrations must be completed online at

Note: no registrations will be taken on the day (with the exception of the Junior Dash)


What if I want to change my registration or cancel it before the event?

If you wish to change or cancel your registration, you can email prior to the event and changes will be made for you.  Please note that it is preferable that all changes are made prior to 18 June 2023. Alternatively you can access your registration online and make the changes directly via the registration link.


What happens if I can’t make it on the day, can I get a refund?

Please refer to for our refund policy which will provide a cut-off date for registration cancellations. Cancellations after this date will not receive a refund. Please note that a $15 administration fee will be charged for all cancellations.


What happens with bibs? Are they sent out or can I pick it up prior to the event?

Bib pickup will be available on the Saturday prior to the event (e.g. the eve of the event) from the Standpipe Golf Motor Inn, Port Augusta. Pick up times will be confirmed prior to the event so keep an eye on the official Facebook page.  Bibs can also be picked up at the starting lines of the event that you are entering from the officials on site. Pins are provided for bibs.


Where can I buy merchandise?

If available, merchandise will be for sale via an online store. Details are at


Is transport available to the start lines etc?

Buses are available to transport participants only to start lines and back to starting points after the event.  Times, details etc are available from  Any transport requirements must be booked at the time of registration.


Can I drop bags off at start lines?

Yes, bags can be dropped at the start lines at the bib pick up points. Please ensure all bags are clearly labelled. Bags dropped off will be available after the event in the location promoted on the day. Please note that no responsibility is accepted by the event organisers for lost property.


Can I bring my own water or supplements for the event and have them at water points?

Yes you can. Ensure your water/supplements are clearly labelled and easily identifiable and they can be dropped off at bib pick up on the Saturday night or at the start lines at the bib pick up points. Volunteers will deliver these to the requested water points prior to the race start.  No responsibility is accepted by organisers for any provided water/supplements however all efforts are made to ensure they are provided as requested.


Where are the water points?

Water points are located approximately every 5km along the route.


Are there toilets along the way?

Toilets are located at the start points along the way e.g. the full marathon, half marathon, 10.5km and 5km start points.


Can I push a pram in the event?

Prams are not allowed in the event.


Can I ride a bike?

The event is for walkers, joggers and runners only.


What roads are closed?

The following are the road closures for the event.


  • Flinders Ranges Way

Between the intersections of West Terrace, Quorn and Woolundunga Avenue, Stirling North (Southbound lanes only)

Between 7.30am and 1.00pm


  • Park Terrace, Quorn

Between Arden Vale Road and Oval Road, Quorn

Between 8.00am and 1.00pm


  • Arden Vale Road, Quorn

Between Flinders Ranges Way and Park Terrace, Quorn

Between 8.00am and 1.00pm


  • Silo Road, Quorn

Between the Caravan Park entrance and West Terrace

Between 11.15am and 11.45am

As above, the Flinders Ranges Way is only closed in the southerly direction (e.g. Quorn to Stirling North) with speed restrictions in place for traffic travelling in a northerly direction from Stirling North to Quorn.  There are no exceptions to these road closures with SA Police managing the traffic.


What facilities are available at the end of the event?

Food and drink stalls are available. Hot showers are available free of charge (BYO towel).


When are results available?

Results are available after the event from